Community of like-minded people
My Handbook is an independent online resource for conscious living published in English and Russian. Founded in 2014 by Tatiana Korsakova, it has since grown from a personal passion project to a thriving digital community of like-minded people.
Making daily choices
We believe that there is nothing more important than maintaining your physical and mental health. It is about making daily choices towards self-love that not only elevate our own wellbeing but also make us more present and of service to others.
Advocates of the clean beauty movement
Our editors and writers share their thoughts on the latest trends in beauty, health, parenting, fitness and self-development. As keen advocates of the clean beauty movement, we help our readers discover products that are as kind to the skin as they are to our planet.
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Finding your inner balance
But our aim is to also go beyond the skin-deep knowledge of a great beauty routine and hand you the tools to finding your inner balance and effortlessly living your best lives from the inside out.
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Tatiana Korsakova
Tatiana is the founder and creative inspiration behind My Handbook. As a model, entrepreneur, philanthropist and a mother of three, she wears many guises and knows about the importance of a good wellness routine first-hand.
In 2016, Tatiana founded a women’s athleisure label Vaara, named after her eldest daughter Varvara. 2021 saw the launch of her premium body care range Scentiana that puts the skin on our body in the spotlight. She launched My Handbook with the mission to motivate other women to find their own inner balance and radiate beauty from within.
Tatiana Korsakova