Spanish beauty: natural brands from the Iberian Peninsula

Ayuna — clean beauty brand from Spain
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When trying to pin down a country which shaped today’s natural beauty movement, Great Britain would probably come to mind first. The British brand Neal’s Yard Remedies, established in 1981, is one of the oldest organic companies to date. Since then, the US has become another major market for clean beauty. Its limited regulation of the cosmetics industry and entrepreneurial spirit gave a green light to many incredible natural brands in America.

Thankfully, the map of clean beauty hubs is no longer limited to just these two markets. The growth of global consumer interest in safe beauty and conscious consumption prompted a dynamic response to such demand. Today, many countries as far as Mongolia can boast their own clean beauty manufacturers. We would now like to put a spotlight on the Iberian Peninsula and discuss some of the best Spanish cosmetic brands. What stands out is that its products have already gained recognition and a following from clients far beyond Spain.

Biovène Barcelona

Biovène’s mission is to produce androgynous high-quality natural products. Budget-friendly price tags, a consistent approach and original packaging define the success of this multi-award-winning new brand.

Biovène’s cosmetics are produced with clean plant ingredients, avoiding the use of potentially unsafe components. The packaging is made with biodegradable materials, while the products themselves are not tested on animals. This, however, has very much become a gold standard for conscious companies operating in self-care.

Biovène’s collaboration with a range of ecological organisations is also worth noting. Indeed, part of its profit goes to support such charity projects as tree-planting at Plant For Planet’s Foundation in Mexico and beach cleaning in Barcelona, Valencia and Málaga in the brand’s native Spain.

Solid shampoos and even conditioners are the brand’s most popular products. Their cardboard casing is the very epitome of sustainability, while the products themselves excel in delivering results. Want to give your hair some love? Their single use Hair Wrap Treatment will bring silkiness and lustre to your mane in just 20 minutes.

Dafna’s Personal Skincare

The founder and CEO of Dafna’s Skincare Dafna Shaham merged two approaches to skincare. Through a combination of western psychology and herbal medicine with Oriental aromatherapy and sustainable chemistry, she gained in-depth expertise and achieved visible results. Dafna explains: “A skincare routine should a) be healthy, b) produce results and c) should be a pleasurable emotional experience, which would allow you to reconnect with yourself.”

The founder highlights Nutrition Night Treatment as one of her favourites. This night cream is produced using 21 natural ingredients, including ginseng root extract, propolis, green tea extract (Camellia Sinensis), Rosewood oil (Aniba Rosaeodora Amazonica Wood) and Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract. For looking after the delicate eye area, Dafna recommends her Eye Care cream, containing aloe, vitis vinifera (grapeseed) oil, rosehip, calendula, glycerine and a form of hyaluronic acid. Another active ingredient is hibiscus extract, also known as the Botox plant for its ability to stop the ferments responsible for elastin breakdown in their tracks. This is the brand’s bestselling cream, which also combats redness, skin creases and puffiness.

Dafna’s Personal Skincare
Dafna’s Skincare makes the most of organic ingredients. Needless to say, none of the products were tested on animals. The brand collaborates with the Big Blue Ocean Cleaning charity, dedicated to maintaining clean oceans and preserving the population of sea animals.


Being born to a molecular biologist is bound to get you involved in biochemistry. This is the story of Spanish entrepreneur, Paola Gugliotta, who after having worked in the beauty industry for some time, founded her own brand Sepai in 2009. It stood out for its ambition to offer technologically advanced and safe skincare. The company bet on targeted solutions to each concern and skin condition, which truly hit the spot.

According to Paola, each person has their distinct lifestyle, living environment and genetic predispositions. For this reason, there is no one-size-fits-all product. But with the correct approach this skincare can produce visible quick-fix results.

Paola’s own example is the best proof of Sepai’s effectiveness. During her third pregnancy her skin began to suffer from irregular pigmentation, including such serious manifestations of it as melasma. By using Sepai products in a targeted way, the founder managed to bring the state of her face back to normal within six months, leaving almost no sign of dyschromia. If you are a fan of customisable skincare, then Sepai is your brand.

Sepai became initially known for their boosters and a wide range of products. Stylishly packaged in the shape of tubes and syringes, the concentrates can be mixed and customised for a personalised skincare routine.

Twelve Beauty

Pedro Catalá is a cosmetologist and qualified pharmacist, whose in-depth and lengthy study of all things botany have naturally led him to establishing his own beauty brand. An enterprise which proved to be rather successful under its brand name Twelve Beauty, which has its own intellectual trademark and character. Despite its London headquarters, the cosmetic line is truly Spanish at heart, given Pedro’s own roots and education.

Relying on scientific research and a philosophy of natural beauty and health, Twelve influences the condition of the skin from within, as well as externally. Each and every product undergoes meticulous testing for their gentle and delicate ability to help effectively slow down the processes of ageing.

Twelve Beauty
All Twelve products are developed with sensitive skin in mind, given this is the skin condition of most people living in big cities. To address this issue Pedro uses a specific set of ingredients, namely 12, which are the basis of all his formulations. Each product is approached from a scientific viewpoint, paired with a deep knowledge of plants and their qualities.

Ayuna ‘Less is Beauty’

Isabel Ramos and Begoña Sanjuán have worked for a renowned international cosmetics company for some time. A wealth of experience in cosmetology and skincare and an in-depth understanding of both the clients’ needs and technological innovations have all come to serve their purpose when it came to establishing their own brand Ayuna.

Its unconventional approach to beauty, formulations and packaging have quickly made it a favourite even among the most discerning connoisseurs of clean beauty. Ayuna’s sophisticated premium products offer the whole package when it comes to natural skincare. It is fair to say that this Spanish brand is legitimately high-end when it comes to clean beauty.

Isabel and Begoña believe that today’s beauty industry offers too much choice with too many active ingredients. Contrary to everyone’s expectations, the choice can not only deliver results but also encourage excessive stimulation and oversaturation of the skin. This can in turn result in premature ageing. This is an expensive routine but one that is totally worth it.

The contents of each Ayuna product is a complex palette, which stands in stark contrast to the standard formulas of clean beauty. Contrary to the renowned ‘anti-ageing’ concept, the brand’s own take on ‘well-ageing’ urges for an end to age fighting approaches. Isabel and Begoña teach us to take our age with gratitude, embrace its dignity and beauty.

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