How to improve your vibes

How to improve your vibes
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The expressions “bad vibes” or “good vibes” exist for a reason. As a physical body our energy remains in constant flux, where every cell radiates waves, which form currents. It can be active, destructive, subtle, carefree, energetic, positive or murky and so is completely individual to each and every one of us. Just like there are no two people with the same fingerprints, we are simply not all on the same wavelength.

Unlike fingerprints, however, the quality of our internal vibrations is not a given from birth but rather a reflection of our lifestyle, thoughts and feelings. This means that we can and should control our energy and, ultimately, try to increase the frequency of our internal vibrations.

Energy tamed by the body

The idea of humans being more than just a set of cells but rather a whole universe with its own laws has preoccupied philosophers and doctors for centuries. And there is no one that has excelled in studying the nature of these natural vibrations more than the ancient practitioners of Indian and Chinese medicine. Both Ayurveda and Chinese medicine attribute a lot of importance to the fine tuning of our bodies, their internal fluctuations and ways to create vibrations from within.

Breathwork, certain yoga postures, a positive outlook and the state of being at one with nature are considered by ancient experts to help improve the circulation of energy in our bodies, making it more powerful and pure. On the other hand, chronic ailments, negative thoughts and inattention to our biological rhythms can taint and slow down even the most naturally balanced energy.

Energy tamed by the body
Image: @saskiawilson

We are all unique

By the time quantum physics became a curriculum staple, the intuitive teachings of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine found scientific backing. Every cell of our bodies radiates waves and their frequency and length vary for each and every one of us. While this energy continues to elude scientific monitoring, a person with a positive and pure energy can be spotted from afar. This kind of person would rarely complain about their health, is optimistic and easy to get on with. They are typically equally happy on their own.

So, rather than an innate characteristic, this is more of a habit to be a certain way. A person’s energy vibrations are caused by nothing other than their mood and conditioning. Some people are intuitively positive but, more often than not, it is up to us to channel these vibrations. Energy channeling consists of several elements.

How to increase your vibrations

The impact of vibrations on our bodies is influenced by their frequency. The energy of high vibrations is strong and positive, while that of low vibrations is dark and heavy. This can be linked to certain negative emotions you might be experiencing at the moment such as fear, suffering or anger. The primary method of increasing the vibrations of your body and soul is to become conscious of your own thoughts and emotions. This will allow you to determine the level of your vibrations. By experiencing jealousy and wrath you will immediately identify the negative field you currently find yourself in and will hopefully be able to act upon it to increase your vibrations. So, what are some of the things you can do to help you immediately direct your energy onto the right path?

How to increase your vibrations
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— Humans and nature

There is no better sound to increase our vibrations than nature. As humans we are inextricably linked to our environment and very much depend on it. This is the reason why people who suffer with insomnia or simply want to relax find the sounds of the ocean, rain and leaves so effective.

The idea of getting some fresh air is also scientifically sound. British scientists have demonstrated an improvement to a person’s heart rate, breathing and metabolism while taking a walk in the woods or by a water source. Our bodies can attune to the rhythm of our environment and one does not need to be a scientist to guess that living in harmony with nature is best for our energy than living next to a busy city centre.

Try spending some time in the countryside for a change or simply go for a walk in your nearest park. The distant chirping of birds or the sounds of a rambling brook will envelope you in a state of calm and help you increase the frequency of your vibrations.

— Physical exercise and breathwork

According to Chinese medicine, the best way to control the flow of our life energy qi is through exercise, breathwork and meditation. There might be nothing new to say about the latter two but what about exercise? Many Oriental schools of thought believe that the Western approach to fitness is actually detrimental to the movement of qi. Participating in team sports and competitions, stretching and strength training slow down our vibrations. What helps to increase them are yoga asanas, which combine the use of small muscles and breathwork, walking, dancing and some martial arts, particularly those focused more on strategy rather than strength.

Another way to increase your vibrations and encourage the channelling of positive energy is through mantras and prayer. These usually consist of a few short sounds and phrases, which have a powerful effect on our body and mind. The words which are associated with increasing our vibrations can be sung, whispered or simply rehearsed in our heads. While repeating a mantra the mind calms down and the energy focuses on the current moment. It is for this reason that mantras go well with meditation. There is an abundance of choice out there when it comes to mantras. It is important to pick one that resonates with you the most. You can also have a go at creating your own prayer. Focus on phrases that inspire you and your personal wishes and dedicate a few minutes a day to this practice.

— Interacting with animals and children

Children and animals are blessed with that carefree state which results in a state of total flow. The best way to get on the same wavelength is to interact with them. You do not necessarily even have to own a pet or stroke it, as you can reap the same benefits from just observing them and letting your mirror neurons do the rest.

— Live according to your body’s bio rhythms

It isn’t just the habit of going to bed late that can interrupt the flow of our energy. From the point of view of Chinese medicine, it is best not to suppress any bodily processes. If you need to go to the toilet, do not hold it in. And blowing your nose should get as much of a priority as a business meeting.

Living in tune with your vibrations is particularly important for women. There is a lot of talk about that uniquely female energy: a calming energy of reflection and inspiration. If this resource is depleted, it might be time to focus on creative activities and reconnecting with your community. A gratitude journal is another habit that can bring heaps of benefits.

Live according to your body’s bio rhythms
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— Being humble and selective with food

According to Ayurveda, an ability to enjoy less while being able to keep your energy levels up is a sign of a high frequency vibrations. It is also the quality of food that matters. For example, the energy frequency of canned or processed food is considered to be next to zero. The same cannot be said of fresh fruit and vegetables. Other products that tend to increase our vibrations include herbal teas, nuts, natural honey and raw cocoa. All the more reason to make those healthy food choices and prioritise plant-based foods.

— Healing vibrations

When Dr Richard Gerber published his book “Vibrational Medicine” on healing the body through vibrations more than 30 years ago, he came across some scepticism from the scientific community. He included detailed and meticulously selected information regarding the range of a human body’s energy vibrations and their subtle-energy fields, as well as studied the influence of various kinds of alternative medicine on our bodies, which can be used as supplementary treatments in traditional medicine.

Today, Gerber’s innovative ideas are being picked up again by leading clinics and research centres around the world. Vibrational healing includes the now recognised chemotherapy and neurostimulation, but also the more subtle forms of treatment such as sound baths, acupuncture and homeopathy.

A simple formula

Professor Valerie Hunt worked at the California University in Los Angeles in the second half of the 20th century and scientifically demonstrated the existence of people’s energy fields. She believed that every toxic substance distorts the negative balance which exists in our bodies on a cellular level. When a cell loses its ability to attract magnetic energy, it can lead to ailments.

It is for this very reason that Hunt believed that the best way to treat any condition is to start form within by increasing the frequency of our internal vibrations. A simple formula for a long and happy life.

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